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The Company Committed to Customer Satisfaction:

Nippon Chemi-CON Corporation, parent to United Chemi-CON, was established in August of 1931 by Toshio Satoh. Their headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan and they now have over 6,000 employees worldwide and strive to develop products through observing current trends and envisioning future. Their primary focus over the years has been electrolytic capacitors, beginning with aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Their capacitors can be found on many motherboards including PSUs and DFI.

Value Driven Products for Varied Industries:

Their products and services can be found in industries such as:



Here is the List of Chemi-CON Products:

Total they have over 8,000 unique products available. Although Nippon Chemi-Con dominates the Global Aluminum Electrolytic industry as the largest producer they still procure other products which include the following product lines:


    • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors– Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors can be used in multiple applications but the primary one is for LED lighting. They come in a chip type which is good for thermal shock and bending strength and a metal cap type good for larger capacitance and metal PCB. They are noise absorbent, carry a long life and are highly reliable.
      • NTS Series, NTF Series and the NTJ Series.


    • Film Capacitors– Nippon Chemi-CON Corporation carries many variations of film capacitors that are most often used for high frequency and large current situations. They have built in a unique cylinder shape for power electronics applications. Some examples could be for an in/out put power supply, AC filtering circuit, series & parallel resonance circuit and even a semiconductor switching element. They can be used as high at 105 degrees Celsius and have almost no noise by resonance.


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